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Our CD is not just for Christmas anymore -- It's for sale all year round!!  

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A Very Filthy-XXXmas CD

**Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year from Billy Staples and Paul Bond!**

A Very Filthy-XXXmas CD Cover


Air Sick Productions Presents:

"A Very Filthy XXX-Mas"

As heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, the home of Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony and Ron and Fez, in it's full length filth and frivolity and with no FCC regulations.

Featuring Paul Bond and Billy Staples of
Air Sick Productions as well as on the Ron and Fez Show and many more!

This CD is NOT the for overly sensitive. Yes, the titles of the songs speak for themselves. The really funny thing about the CD, besides the off colors lyrics, is the fact that the music sounds exactly like the original, so no one is aware of the parody until the words kick in and the mouths drop open. Believe me, it's very funny to watch the reaction of unsuspecting victims as their once favorite Christmas songs become a horror to their ears. Not for the feint of heart.  A hysterically funny stocking stuffer for sure!!!

Comes with a free Defibrillator kit when in stock.
(*Sorry, we're out of stock. Instructions are included on yelling "CLEAR" a few times with a hot plate and some jumper cables.)

Tracks include:

Grandmas Getting Plowed Just Like A John Deere, Frosty The Snowman,
It’s The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer,
Go To A Club For Gentlemen, My Porn Keeps Me Faithful, Joy Goes Round The World, Rudolph The Well Hung Reindeer, Hanukah, The Project Xmas Song, Christmas Christmas,
I Wear Panties Cuz, Santa Pay Me, I Got The Sh*ts On Xmas Day, I Saw Saddam Look Like Santa Claus, What The F_ _ _  is "Auld Lang Syne", There’s No Fun On Xmas For Jews, Light The Menorah, Oh Sh*t I’m A Dad, The Internet Rocks, Santa Claus Came On Mom’s Night Gown, An Artificial Xmas Tree, S&M, Guys Can’t Wrap, Hit Some Titty Bars, Kick The Homeless Guy, I’ll Be Homo For Xmas, Enter Santa,
JC’s House Of Furniture, The 12 Days Of Divorce-mas.


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